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Web design

Update or Upgrade Your Website

To remain competitive and relevant, it is important to stay current, especially when it comes to your website. Whether you need to communicate a new message, modernize your look & feel, improve site navigation, add new features, or plan an SEO or content-driven marketing campaign, we can help you.

We know it can be time consuming to deal with a comprehensive website re-design. Let us take the pressure off you... we have extensive experience creating sites using responsive web design, and can guide you through the entire web design process, while minimizing the hassle and pitfalls of trying to retrofit a new look onto an old framework.

Web design Services

  • Create a fresh look, coordinate with marketing materials
  • Revise outdated website code or framework
  • Add new graphics, fresh content & new features
  • Improve navigation & ease of use
  • Add e-Commerce or social media
  • Search engine optimization
  • Create content for SEO & lead generation

Our philosophy is to preserve value where it exists, and add value through strategic improvements.

We can assess your current website and work with you to determine the extent of web design services you need. As part of our analysis we consider budget, timeframe, objectives and other requirements to come up with a web design plan that fits your needs.

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Web Re-design

Transform your old website

At Schafer Creative, we specialize in designing and deploying custom-flex search-engine friendly websites using modern techniques which blend form with function.

Contact us to get a quote for modernizing your website with a fresh "look and feel" and a search engine and mobile friendly web platform that can be viewed on laptops, desktops, widescreen devices, tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices.