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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Are you invisible to search engines?

Many businesses hire traditional ad agencies or graphic designers to handle their web design projects, only to discover months after the launch that their website is invisible to search engines!

Ad agency staff and graphic designers who don't have real-world web design experience tend to focus on the "look" and may lack a deep understanding of the technical aspects of web design, including optimizing content for search engines.

Non-technical web designers may operate under common myths or outdated facts about how search engines determine ranking in search results. By placing a heavy emphasis on the graphical elements of web design, they can impair your ability to be found in search engines.

How search engines work

Search engine robots (search-bots) crawl web pages across the internet and use mathematical formulas (algorithms) to calculate an individual web page's 'relevance' for a given search query (keywords). These bots store information about each web page in an index. When someone uses a search engine to find information on the web, such as Google, a results page displays links to web pages which relate to the keywords they used in their search. The order in which results are displayed is called 'ranking' or 'placement'. These results are often referred to as "organic search results".

In order to have your website be visible in organic search results, your web pages should be thoughtfully designed, using a measured amount of target keywords in page names, titles, headings, and content. The structure of your website should be well-organized and lean so pages load quickly. Your content should be user-friendly, and provide value for visitors.

Other ranking factors include how well your web page relevancy compares to other websites, whether your pages are mobile-friendly, how many pages your site has, how long your domain name has been registered, how many related websites link to yours, variations of keywords used on your pages, anchor text used in links which lead to your pages, and the overall quality of your website as determined by Googlebot and other search-bots.

With over 200+ factors weighed in search engine algorithms, search engine optimization can be complicated. There are many pitfalls to avoid. Schafer Creative has the expertise needed to guide you on the best approach to an effective search engine optimization strategy.

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Use a trustworthy SEO Consultant

Some "SEO Experts" make promises they can't deliver. If soemone tells you they can make your website appear "at the top of Google" they are either inexperienced or untruthful. No one has control of organic search engine results - ranking is a totally automated and dynamic process. Even Google employees can't change your ranking.

Many so-called SEO's use black-hat techniques which temporarily boost a website's ranking - long enough for them to send you an invoice - then suddenly your website drops out of organic search engine results completely, most often due to detection of inappropriate SEO techniques.

A trustworthy SEO Consultant, such as Schafer Creative, can help you improve organic search engine visibility using legitimate and effective white-hat search optimization techniques. Legitimate techniques require patience and fine-tuning. A search engine strategy should be implemented and managed for long term rather than short term results.

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